Ecomask Technology


The key to an effective face mask is mainly the filter capability and the fit of the mask. Here we explain how our mask works and what makes it unique.


It’s physics. Air flows in the path of least resistance.

This means in order for a face mask to be effective it needs to be both comfortable to wear and also sealed around the edges to ensure that air only travels through the filter. If air can flow in or out of your nose around the filter it will do so and then that means the mask isn’t working optimally. With our size guide and adjustable nose piece, ecomask is designed to offer a perfect fit for most face shapes.

Size Guide


When you breathe wearing an ecomask, air passes through five layers of protection and an FFP2 quality filter before it reaches your lungs. Each layer plays an important role and filters particles of different sizes.

Layer 1 - Durable outer filter wrapping with a soft touch finish made from ECONYL®.

Layer 2 - Electro charged PP Spunbond. Filters gases and reduces odor.

Layer 3 - PA Nanofiber. Filters larger PM10, pollen and other allergens.

Layer 4 - PET Spunbond. Filters smaller PM2.5, dust and bacteria.

Layer 5 - Inside filter wrapping made from 100% Recycled PET (from water bottles) with skin-friendly finish.

The multi-layer filter technology is tested in a state of the art laboratory in Germany. 

technical data sheet


Textiles worn on our skin are ideal environments for micro-organisms to grow. The moisture a face mask typically absorbs only further encourages their growth. Not only does this lead to a face mask not being effective because it is clogged up but it also leads to a greater risk of acne due to wearing a mask.

Our materials are hydrophobic and moisture wicking. This is important because it helps to protect your skin from drying out when wearing a face mask. And most importantly it means that the mask won’t absorb all the moisture from your breath and become a breading ground for acne causing bacteria.

We use non-allergenic, latex-free materials with are UPF50+. Plus our inner layer is a soft, non-abrasive material. Scratchy materials are another leading cause of mask related acne.


Ecomask is made with glasses wearers in mind. Whether you wear glasses for eyesight or sunlight we want you to be fog free.

Hot breath plus cold lenses means water vapor condensates and creates fog. Our adjustable nose piece and 5 different sizes ensure you can create a breath-bottling seal and makes Ecomask the best mask for glasses wearers. 


Our non-profit partner, Healthy Seas, collects discarded fish nets from the ocean. Most of these are made from Nylon-6 which can be endlessly recycled without a degradation of quality.

ECONYL® then takes the Nylon-6 fish nets. They get cleaned, depolymerized and transformed into yarn.

Ecomask takes the yarn and we use it for our facemasks in the Layer 1 of the mask, the trim and ear straps.