When you’re searching for a facial mask that suits all your needs, it’s important to pay attention to the technology, materials, fit and filters used to create the protective gear. Just like any other product, you want to find one that is backed by science, and proven to get the job done effectively.

Two features you want to pay the most attention to are the filter capability, and the fit of the mask for maximum protection. Let’s take a look at why our facial masks at Ecomask are one of the best choices on the market:

I’m sure you’ve seen those people at the store with their mask hanging below their nose. Or what about the ones that have so much room around their cheeks that their entire face is exposed through the sides of their mask. It’s a challenge for people with small faces to find a mask that fits perfectly, likewise it’s tricky to keep a mask up when the ear loops get stretched out but that’s the key to protection.

At Ecomask, we use physics when creating our designs. Air flows in the path of least resistance, which means in order for a face mask to be effective it needs to be both comfortable to wear and also sealed around the edges. This ensures that air only travels through the filters, not the sides.

If air can flow in or out of your nose around the filter it will do so, and that means the mask isn’t working optimally. With our size guide and adjustable nose piece, Ecomask is designed to offer a perfect fit for most face shapes. Be sure to check out Size Guide for exact measurements.

When selecting a mask for yourself or your family, you may go for the cheap, throw-away, single-layer masks for easy application and disposal. However, the level of protection you receive is largely based on the number and quality of layers and filters your mask offers. When you breathe wearing an Ecomask, air passes through five layers of protection and an FFP2 certified filter before it reaches your lungs. Each layer plays an important role and filters particles of different sizes. Our masks protect you from toxic gases and odors, pollen and other allergens, bacteria and viruses, and dust. Let’s breakdown each layer and the protection it provides:

Layer 1: Durable outer filter wrapping with a soft touch finish made from Econyl. Layer 2: Electro charged PP Spunbond. Filters gases and reduces odor.
Layer 3: PA Nanofiber. Filters larger PM10, pollen and other allergens.
Layer 4: PET Spunbond. Filters smaller PM2.5, dust and bacteria.
Layer 5: Inside filter wrapping made from 100% Recycled PET with skin-friendly finish.

Since we are living amidst a global pandemic, we are all awfully familiar with wearing face masks. Some people deal with skin reactions after wearing facial coverings because of the materials they are made from. Some materials trap moisture, which can lead to acne or rashes. Other materials cause severe dryness and lead to facial itch. According to the research, prolonged use of N95 and surgical masks by healthcare professionals during COVID-19 has caused adverse effects such as headaches, rash, acne, skin breakdown, and impaired cognition in the majority of those surveyed.

At Ecomask, we make sure that our products are designed with skin-friendly textiles. Our materials are hydrophobic and moisture wicking. This is important because it helps to protect your skin from drying out when wearing a face mask. And most importantly, it means that the mask won’t absorb all the moisture from your breath and become a breeding ground for acne- causing bacteria. We use non-allergenic, latex-free materials with are UPF50+. Plus our inner layer is a soft, non-abrasive material. Avoid those scratchy materials, which are another leading cause of mask-related acne.

When choosing a mask that can be worn anywhere, anytime, for anything, it’s important to pay attention to the features. If you wear sunglasses or eyewear, you have probably dealt with your lenses fogging up from your breath. Over at Ecomask, we design our facial coverings with glasses-wearers in mind. Whether you wear glasses for eyesight or sunlight we want you to be fog free.

Hot breath plus cold lenses means water vapor condensates and creates fog. Our adjustable nose piece and 5 different sizes ensure you can create a breath-bottling seal and makes Ecomask the best mask for glasses wearers.

Ecomask takes pride in its ability to use recycled materials for sustainability. Our non-profit partner, Healthy Seas, collects discarded fish nets from the ocean. Most of these are made from Nylon-6 which can be endlessly recycled without a degradation of quality. Econyl then takes the Nylon-6 fish nets, cleans them, depolymerizes them, and transforms them into yarn. Then, that yarn is used for the creation of our facemasks.

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