There are a multitude of reasons you should wear a protective mask. Whether you’re shopping at the mall, picking up groceries, going to an appointment, or taking your child to the park, face masks can provide a sense of relief that you aren’t exposing yourself to harm.

When you enter public arenas, you surround yourself with new people, new environments, and new germs. You may have a strong immune system and think you can fight off whatever bacteria or viruses you encounter, but why not take the extra step and avoid the possibilities?

Here are 3 reasons to wear a protective mask in public:

1. Allergies & Pollution
Every time you step outside to enjoy a beautiful day in nature, the sun beats down on you giving you that essential dose of vitamin D. However, environmental aggressors are posing a threat with or without you knowing. Strong gusts of wind, smoke, pollution, and other irritants flow through the air, directly affecting you and your body.

The best way to prevent these aggressors from wreaking havoc on your body is to wear protective gear. If you deal with seasonal allergies, asthma, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, or any other condition that make it difficult to breathe, it’s best to avoid pollen and other environmental irritants by wearing a face mask like ours over at Ecomask. The filters used within protective face masks trap the harmful particles and prevent them from reaching our lungs.

2. Travel
You may be thinking about booking a trip to the Bahamas, or maybe your dream destination is the coast of Australia. No matter where you plan to travel, it’s important to protect yourself from the bacteria and viruses that live on surfaces, flow through recycled air on planes, and come out of the person sitting next to you in those tight seats. Masks with four or five layers, like ours over at Ecomask, provide extreme protection (over 90% filtration).

This means that single-layer masks, such as neck gaiters and bandanas, will likely provide the least amount of protection. In terms of material, one kind of fabric isn't better than another as long as the fabric is washable and breathable. When you spend several hours on a plane, it’s important to find a mask that fits appropriately and comfortably. So, keep that in mind when selecting which facial mask is best for traveling!

3. Social Responsibility
Wearing a facial mask is now more important than ever before. With a global pandemic in full swing, COVID-19 poses huge threats to every human being on the planet. Masks are primarily intended to reduce the emission of virus-laden droplets. When people are infected with a virus such as COVID-19, they can infect other people simply by breathing, sneezing, or any other form of releasing respiratory droplets into the air. Medical professionals recommend that people in public wear face masks, especially when other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.

It’s our social responsibility to act for the benefit of society at large. This means that the COVID- 19 pandemic will introduce new norms for the measures that society is willing to take to prevent the spread of disease. Increased social responsibility may be the solution to curbing the threat of future pandemics - such as a global antibiotic resistant microbe outbreak. With that being said, find a suitable, comfortable mask that offers the utmost protection from harmful particles — like ours over at Ecomask!